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You are accessing one of the eSEE - experimental Software Engineering Environment's services.

eSEE represents a research project supported by CNPq (Brazilian Research Council - http://www.cnpq.br) and FAPERJ (Rio de Janeiro State Research Foundation - http://www.faperj.br) under development by the Experimental Software Engineering Group at COPPE/UFRJ. It aims at providing an environment to support (large scale) experimentation in Software Engineering.

What you can find inside:

The contents of this repository concern with the ongoing (multilingual) definitions for concepts usually used in the Experimental Software Engineering field.

The compilation of these concepts have started sometime ago. It started with the ISERN Glossary of Terms (1998) definitions and has evolved due the collaboration of different associations and researchers, representing the ISERN - International Software Engineering Research Network ( and ESELAN - Experimental Software Engineering Latin American Network (into the context of ESELAW - Experimental Software Engineering Latin American Workshop).

General concepts regarding experimentation can be found in the Experimental Software Engineering - Glossary of Terms area. Strong related terms can be found in specific areas, such as: Statistical Concepts and Scientific Workflow Concepts.

Wiki Access

You do not need to have an account to navigate and get information from this Glossary. However, if you believe that can help us on increasing and improving the repository contents, please, send a message to ght at cos dot ufrj dot br asking for a granted access (please send some information about your interest, such as research interests, research group, and aditional details that you consider relevant to justify your request).